Russia-China Ball Partnership Program

The Russia-China Ball in Beijing is not only a great opportunity to explore Russian culture but also a place for establishig informal contacts with business people, who make up the majority of the guests of the ball. The ball will also provide effective opportunities for PR and promotion to new markets.

China's rapidly developing economy is a very attractive platform for large investments and companies interested in carrying out joint mutually beneficial projects.

In this regard, the Russia-China Ball in Beijing offers an excellent opportunity for business representatives from different countries to establish new useful links for further development of economic cooperation.

Partner Representation

Benefits for Your Business

Participation in the partner program of the Russia-China Ball in Beijing includes:

  • A unique platform for marketing communications
  • The ball gives an opportunity to emphasize the prestigeand value of your business, increase its credibility forthe public, as well as existing and potential customers
  • The possibility of direct access to the audience of busi­ness and political elite of Russia and China, and ofestablishment of new business ties and contacts with business people from different regions of China, Russia, and other countries.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of in­ternational cultural ties, and increase the reputation of your business
  • Opportunity for an effective presentation of your ser­vices and products
  • Associations with an exclusive international event

Sponsors of the Ball will receive the following packages:

  • Advertising in the conduct of preparatory activities before the Russia-China Ball
  • Advertising during the Ball
  • Outdoor advertising and media package
  • Advertising in printed products produced by the or­ganizers of the ball
  • Prestigious seats of VIP class at the ball

To receive the various sponsorship packages, please fill out this form. We will contact you shortly.