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The first Russia-China Ball in Beijing will be held on October 12, 2019 and is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. More than 700 guests  will attend this elegant event, among them business people, politicians, diplomats, scientists and cultural figures from Russia, China, and other countries. The main aim of the ball is to strenghten the cultural, policital and economic ties between the two countries - China and Russia.

The Russia-China Ball in Beijing will be held in accordance with European ball traditions. In the 19th century, Russian balls were very popular in Europe, and were distinguished by their grandeur.

Guests will be greeted with a stunning Opening Ceremony, in which 50 debutante couples will take part, followed by the official greetings from the representatives of Russia and China.

The dance program of the ball — classical and contemporary — is accompanied by a symphony orchestra and a jazz orchestra and lasts until the end of the ball, far after midnight. The break between the classical and modern parts is the famous Russian quadrille, in which virtually all the guests of the ball participate.

A special place in the program of the ball is a small gala concert featuring Russian opera and ballet stars.

All the conditions for comfortable communication will be provided for the guests of the ball: all seats are at the tables, and in the dedicated lounges they can have a break from the ball's bustle and even have informal negotiations with potential partners.